About Scaled Organics

Scaled Organics evolved in 2015 out of a collaboration between R&D organisation AMT (Advanced Molecular Technologies) and prominent Australian Chemical manufacturer Tri-Tech Chemical Co.

The concept for "Scaled Organics" came from the realisation that developing new chemicals on a full industrial scale requires at least three, and more often four, iterations in terms of the scale of the reaction.

The initial investment for the organisation has been into equipment to enable scale up from the gram scale to the kg scale. The company also boasts equipment and experience in taking scale up to the next level of hundreds of kg and then multi tonne quantities.

Industry sectors we service include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and agricultural chemicals, veterinary and medical sciences.

Synthesis chemistry

Backed by the combined experience of over 100 years of Chemical synthesis we can offer a wealth of expertise in organic chemical synthesis.

We provide efficient contract synthesis to produce high-quality, high-purity complex organic molecules in milligram to gram quantities. We will also work with you to cost effectively manufacture larger quantities of multiple kg.

We handle the very broadest cross section of organic synthesis requirements. Our offerings include:

  • Contract Manufacture
  • Process Development
  • Scale-up
  • Purification of kg Amounts
  • Sample Analysis (purity and impurity profiles)

Through AMT and Tri-Tech Scaled Organics has access to a range of modern analytical equipment including:

  • Bruker UltraShield Plus 400 MHz NMR (1H, 13C, 11B, 15N, 19F, 29Si, 31P)
  • GC
  • HPLC
  • FT IR