Our range of services includes, but is not limited to, the following

Scaled Production

  • Production of kg quantities of desired development intermediates
  • Process optimisation for larger scale production

Analytical Services

  • 400 MHz NMR
  • FTIR
  • HPLC – MS
  • GC
  • Auto titrations – Karl Fischer, Acid-Base, Anionic activity
  • Viscosity and density profiling
  • Assorted wet chemistry techniques
Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis

  • Traditional synthesis of complex molecules
  • Synthesis of scaffolds, building blocks & lead optimisation
  • Synthesis of metabolites, impurities & reference compounds
  • Route design & synthesis for new target molecules
  • Synthesis of pharmacologically active reference compounds or positive controls
  • Synthetic intermediates & specialty custom organic reagents
  • Organometallic chemistry: Suzuki, Hiyama, Sonogashira, Heck, Buckwald, Mg, Zn reactions etc.
Consultancy and Expert Services

Consultancy and Expert Services

  • Patent advice
  • Knowledge mining for IP score optimisation
  • Privileged structure search
  • Sourcing special fine chemicals and organic intermediates
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving for chemical reactions and processes